Thursday, October 21, 2004

Home Office (Vancouver)

home office (Vancouver)
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Things are messier than I'd like to show, but this is the current state of my home office. I bought a BenQ 15" LCD panel on Sunday, to replace the massive 21" Sony CRT monitor that monopolised my table. This way I can access both the Powerbook and the desktop more easily. In typical Gail-unconventional-fashion, my laptop screen is bigger than my desktop screen, yes. By two inches, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it is, in screen real estate terms.

Next week I'll take a photo of my home office, in Pennsylvania. I'm sure it will be considerably neater!! I'm lugging some hardware with me, such as the wireless router and my VoIP gateway. This way my phone number will remain the same, and anyone who phones it will have no idea I'm actually 4,000kms away. The broadband phone just hooks up into any high-speed connection, and my Vancouver number is ported to it, so it will display that way in Caller ID, too.

I fly to New York bright and early on Saturday morning. I know I've been pretty sporadic with the blogging lately, but I assure you -- details forthcoming!