Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Tomfoolery

December 1997 - Volendam, the Netherlands.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke:

"A German, a Canadian, a Dutchie, and an Englishwoman walk into a bar..."

Ansgar drove down from Germany to meet Lucy and me in Amsterdam, where we flew in from Manchester shortly before Christmas. Fedor met up with us later and took us sightseeing in Volendam, where somebody had the bright idea for us to get dressed up!! (That person wasn't me.)

Yet, this photo has been cracking me up for nearly 8 years. We had seizures of giggles choosing our outfits ("Do you want to be the fisherman or the accordion player?"), which made it difficult for the costumers to put the multitudinous layers over our clothing and for the photographer to get us to stay still. Note the shoes.

The photo seems like a lifetime ago, but that trip was so memorable.

I've added Flash notes to the photo in Flickr -- click to enlarge and view notes.