Wednesday, August 13, 2003

BC university tuition increases

Got a nasty shock the other day when I checked my SFU tuition fee statement...

That's right. Starting next month, I will be paying 30% more tuition that I did this term. This is on top of the 30% increase after spring of last year. While this means I probably won't be going east on holiday this fall, it means much more to the student who isn't working.

It's bad timing on my part not to pursue a university education during the N.D.P. government's six-year rate freeze, but as one of the Soundoff commentators posted, during this time there was an exodus of B.C. instructors to the U.S., where salaries were higher. It seemed the BC institutions, with lower funding, couldn't afford to keep them.

I believe education is an investment, however, the powers that be (B.C. provincial and municipal governments) MUST DO MORE to create jobs IN B.C. and maintain some controls on the cost of living here so that graduates are not driven away.