Sunday, August 22, 2004


I'm volunteering at the HI-Downtown hostel right now, and it's not as crazy as it usually is, so I'm taking a moment to post. We'll see how long this little lull lasts. Nobody signed up for the shift, and my family visit has been postponed, so I thought I'd better get another shift in before the HI Rooftop BBQ tomorrow night. I woke up LATE LATE LATE today, and by the time I reached Cheryl, it was too late in the day and I really didn't feel like schlepping all the way out to Surrey. Talk about lazy!

It's been fairly steady this evening -- I've not been deluged with people, so I've been able to answer the questions more thoroughly and give out more information. Mostly transportation, neighbourhood, and eating/drinking questions. Nothing too involving, such as complicated itineraries that require connections and timetables. People are very appreciative of getting all this info, and in some cases -- if the context were different and I'd had the time-- I would invite myself along!! Cheeky ol' me!