Monday, February 24, 2003

Flashback to Thursday

We headed down Davie Street and I introduced Ramon to our local, Samurai, for some sushi and other delectables. There he got his regular phone call from a morning radio show guy in the Netherlands, who does a running report on Ramon's whereabouts. The radio guy was suprised Ramon would be having sushi, since there it is more like fine dining and not the casual meal it is here. Then we did a loop from Davie to Denman to Robson to Granville, stopping at Mondo Gelati (yum yum!), and a trip up to Cloud 9 revolving restaurant at the top of Robson's Empire Landmark Hotel (views were magnificent!), where May joined us, then rounded the evening off at the Nelson Cafe. May showed us the location of the Vancouver English Centre before picking up her car, and dropped us off at Supervalu on Davie for some provisions. Ramon phoned home, where people were amazed that he could be at a supermarket at the crazy hour of 1:30am. Ramon himself was amazed one could go shopping at any hour, plus the selection of, say, breakfast cereal.