Monday, February 24, 2003

Ramon Arrives at Hotel Gail

Ramon rolled up Thursday morning at Hotel Gail and I gave him a bit of a tour of the West End in the evening. He taped The Vicki Gabereau Show on Friday at 1pm, and it will air on Friday, February 28. They even sent a taxi down here to pick him up and drop him off, even though it's a straight line from my apartment to the studios and he could walk it in 15 minutes. Ramon won't get the Vicki Gabereau tape until after it airs, but he says she thought he was a "darling". I would've gone down there to watch the show, except I had to go to the office.

Ramon was also on the noon show on GlobalTV on Saturday afternoon... we watched that tape, which I thought was pretty decent seeing as we found the studios a bit late... basically, I sped up to the curb and he ran in.

Ramon at Hotel Gail