Friday, February 14, 2003

My Europe Itinerary

Finally, after weeks and weeks of searching, last Friday I found a cheap flight to London pre-Easter weekend for $689! I am so relieved! I was loathe to break my $1,000 barrier for a plane ticket ... I have never paid $1,000 for any flight, and last week I had this sinking feeling I would have to, since the next-cheapest flight available to Europe was $925, Vancouver to Frankfurt on Lufthansa, but the weekend surcharges and taxes sent it over the top.

How's this for an itinerary:

April 16-17 - Vancouver/Calgary-London (Air Transat)
April 17 - London-Dublin (Ryanair)
April 17-22 - Dublin/Cork/Shannon
April 22 - Shannon-Brussels (Ryanair)
April 22-25 - Brussels/Amsterdam
April 25 - Brussels-(Milan) Bergamo (Ryanair)
April 25-29 - Italian lakes district with Lucy, John, Joe, Christa and possibly Iris!
April 29-May 2 - Bergamo and north to Switzerland - Ticino to St. Gallen with Christa
May 2 - Zurich-London (Easyjet)
May 3 - London-Vancouver (Air Transat)

The European flights were SO CHEAP... London-Dublin was GBP 35, Shannon-Brussels EURO 60, Brussels-Bergamo EURO 30, Zurich-London was the cheapest at CHF 17.50. It doesn't even add up to the difference that I saved by flying Air Transat!