Monday, February 24, 2003

Ramon is hitching to Squamish today

He left about quarter to one this afternoon, in the brilliant sunshine illuminating Vancouver on post-plebiscite Olympic bid 2010 Monday. I voted yesterday "NO", as everyone who is a reader of Ramon's website reports has been made well aware, but he didn't expand a great deal on why I voted this way. It wasn't just for the reasons he stated in the reports, but I can tell you he was opposed to the bid, too, so by virtue of that fact maybe was not inclined to list all my various arguments against Vancouver hosting the Olympics. Well, now that my vote has been cast as part of the 36% NO versus the 64% YES of the 46% turnout of registered voters for the City of Vancouver, there is nothing more I can do now but to wait for July 2, when the IOC decide who will host the Winter Olympics in 2010. Maybe my rent won't increase on January 1, 2004, but I am certain over the next 7 years I will be priced right off Beach Avenue.

More reports on the past few days will be posted later.

Ramon on his way to Squamish.