Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Strange Dream

I had this bizarre dream about a week and a half ago, one that was so vivid I still remember some of it now, which is extraordinary since I usually don't recall dreams, let alone details.

In the dream, we were getting married, but EVERYTHING was on the cheap: food, decorations, our clothing, the whole schmeer (I'm learning Yiddish!). It was more like a nightmare... I kept picking at my horrendous outfit, thinking, "What on earth am I wearing?" and my hairstyle was so... big, like a bouffant. I had on this faux-velvet dress that was dark (???), with something I can only describe as a handkerchief-like cummerbund in a lighter shade dividing me horizontally. Loud, more like my mother's taste in apparel. I was dazed and confused, muttering under my breath, asking myself how my mother could talk me into thinking this was a good idea. We were truly scraping the bottom of the taste barrel for this wedding.

I know wedding details have been on my mind lately what with a ceremony and two receptions to arrange, and one of my main concerns has been cost. But I've told David that one thing I won't scrimp on is the food -- we MUST have good food, right down to the presentation; I don't think it should get short shrift at social functions. It's not just about satisfying hunger... for some people, it's their trusty icebreaker, like the weather (unlike Vancouver, there isn't enough traffic in Scranton to warrant discussion). In a roomful of people you don't know, you'll head to what you do know, and that's eating. People may not remember what colour scheme was going on at a wedding, especially the men, but people DO remember when the food was low-quality. Think back to all the weddings you've attended, and I'll bet even when you don't remember exactly what you ate, you'll recall if you enjoyed it, went back for more, or wanted to spit it out discreetly in your napkin...


ADDITION: Thursday, Feb 17

*sirens wailing*

Help! I've been hit! David Photoshopped me today!

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