Thursday, May 20, 2004

Geeking Out

I'm going to my first ApplesBC Computer Society Meeting this evening. Don't laugh. For those in my inner circle, you know I barely use Macs -- mainly at SFU and, more recently, the eMac -- so why am I going?

Kevin, the true MacHead, says a Microsoft guy who's involved with the programming of Office for Mac will be there tonight, and he wants to know if I'd like to go to gladhand and see if Office for Mac has new features that can help us migrate out of our PC environment over to the sunny side of the computing street.

Hey, why not? I wish I were more conversant in VirtualPC and all that jazz, but I've experienced firsthand enough compatibility problems at the office in our Mac and PC co-existence to ask a lot of questions.

Besides, an evening with a bunch of users and programmers will do my Inner Geek a lot of good.