Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hiking to the Office

I'm not kidding! I actually hiked up to the office!

We were working on our big monthly report, so we'll take a day off in the summer in lieu of today. I took public transit so I could avoid the long weekend ferry lineups and general busy-ness. Also, I wanted to time the walk up to the office, and see how easy it was to spot the head of this trail Carol says they made from the road up to the house. I set off around noon, off the ferry and up the lower road towards Gibsons (I think it might be Marine Drive already). It was a fine, warm day, and the views going up the hill were pretty distracting.

One of the views I get walking up the hill to the new office. Apparently there's a proud Welsh person living on North Road.

Watch out for deer! They should make a deer crosswalk. There is no shoulder on North Road. A small section of the road has a tiny bit of shoulder where the houses are, on the ocean side, but other than that, it's how you see here. The deer better watch out for me, though, they're pretty plentiful around here.

The house/office (still under construction). That's AJ in the playpen with the umbrella on top.

You can see there's a lot of landscaping to do. The house section should be finished sometime in July, so I think we'll have a summer of clearing brambles!

The office is the part of the building from the clocktower to the right, except for Allison's office, which is the smaller window to the left of the clocktower.

The office is high up on the hill, so the trail up to it is steep. But, it's a much faster way to get to the office when comparing it to the driveway and the road. I timed it on the way home, and using the driveway adds about five minutes to a journey that would otherwise take about 15 minutes, because the long way means you have to go up this hill of a driveway, then along the road, down to North Road, before heading towards the ferry.