Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Doorknocker, Unveiled

The Doorknocker I
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The Doorknocker II
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The Doorknocker III
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I'd mentioned in a previous journal entry that there's a ring that has stones we're using to make my engagement and our wedding rings. I didn't have a photo of it until today, only photos of David's grandmother's ring -- which is also very *bling* -- that I'm using as an engagement ring until the designed one is finished.

We went to the jeweller's today to see the designer together, as David's been too busy lately to consult with him until this weekend. It's a father-son team of designers; the father's been working with Bartikowsky's for 40 years, and his son is trained in CAD software to render the rings onscreen. David showed them the drawings he'd made and we discussed what we were looking for and showed him the two rings with the stones. Marc (the son) thought it would be a shame to break up the ring that I'm wearing as the engagement stand-in, but this ring has enough stones in it to supply the three rings David designed. The plan is for David to refine his drawings, send the electronic files directly over to them, they'll drop them into the CAD software, and then it's just a matter of fine-tuning from there. Because David is already supplying them with the design, they said it will be no problem having them done by Christmas. David will fly out to Seattle on December 24 (I'm flying back Dec 13th), and have the ring/s with him.