Monday, November 01, 2004

playing with the clouds

playing with the clouds
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We went flying yesterday, and David took us high into the clouds. It was AMAZING. I'm waiting for him to write about it in Multiply to provide the technical details, but I could never describe the feeling...

I've got some video of the little plane manoeuvring around and through the clouds, but it doesn't do flight justice. David loves clouds, and I can definitely see the appeal -- to be thousands of feet above ground, twisting and turning in the air around the "fluff"... We could see our shadow in the cloud, with a halo made of a rainbow. It's beautiful. I'll see if I can find a good, clear photo of it.

David's account of the day, in Multiply: Of Clouds and Glory

Tomorrow is the Big Election, as if anyone could forget. I'm going with David to the polls to observe the process, but of course I can't vote. Last night we phoned my parents to apprise them of the upcoming nuptials, but interestingly, they were both very keen to know who David was going to vote for. Maybe it's part of their approval process...