Monday, November 22, 2004

Mushy Self-portraits

Originally uploaded by AviatorDave.
David and I had a long-postponed photo session last night to take an engagement picture for the local paper.

For those who have seen the two of us together -- thus far a very select few -- it is clear that I'm not the mushy one between us, that would be David. Public displays of affection are just not me, although, this seems to apply only to other adults, not to small children. In Albany earlier this month, the other Orkuters couldn't even get a photo of us kissing -- and they really, really tried. David's even a bit worried that I won't kiss him at our wedding!!

So, here's a photo I took last night of a kiss. For the public. (It was taken in black and white, and David Photoshopped it a bit.) There are more photos in my Flickr albums, if you can stand it.

David and Me