Saturday, November 27, 2004

We went flying today...

It always takes us a while to get out the door on the weekends (heck, during the week, too), so by the time we got to the plane, it was quite late in the afternoon. But I've since learned that I love night flying!

David wrote about our last flight in Multiply -- the barrel rolling and all that: The Silent Birdman... Nests

I don't think he mentioned night flying in that post, but it was our first time for me to fly after dark. Flying at night is a whole different experience, but no less beautiful, than flying during the day. In fact, I have a better layout of the valley because the lights of the city and residential areas are more noticeable. I get an idea of neighbourhood density, highways, hospitals, and various other points of interest... and non-interest -- like this chain of ENORMOUS service stations called Sheetz, decked out in red and yellow. They're like the McDonald's of gas stations!

Sunsets are gorgeous from the sky -- you have an unobstructed view, and atop the clouds, it's even more impressive.

David even pulled out a surprise barrel roll on me. We were in this gap in the clouds, and I thought he was banking hard to the left... next thing I knew, we were upside down! Whoa!! But I wasn't scared, it was more thrilling than startling. Woo-hoo!

The moon was extraordinarily bright; we saw it shine through the clouds from a great distance -- it was as if Manhattan was on fire!