Monday, December 13, 2004

Get 'Em While They're Hot!!

(er, not hot, per se, but available for a low price... anyway, read on, will ya?)

My friend Steve Savage is off to Russia in two weeks, and is desperately trying to raise some funds by selling off his remaining stock of his recently published book. In a bit of an experiment, he has listed a couple of copies of "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" on eBay. To find them, just log onto eBay, and search for the book by title, or just with the words 'Missouri' and 'mate'. It's your chance to pick up a last minute Christmas present for as little as ten bucks. If the books start attracting a few bids, he will list more copies so if you're outbid on one, you stand a chance on the next one.

I hosted Stephen Savage when he began his most recent 'round-the-world tour in July 2003, and despite his crass Aussie humour* is an incredibly likeable bloke with an amazing work ethic and a gift for storytelling... tall tales**... For more about the book, Steve himself, or his remarkable journeys, check out his Book Preview Page:

Everything but Missouri, Mate! - The Savage Files Book

I bought a stack of copies meself, so if you're a friend of mine, this is probably what's under your tree, from me.

*Steve, are you reading this?
**Steve, are you still reading? Send me some horchata and I'll lay off the jabs! :)