Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lawnhaven at Stroudsmoor Inn

Lawnhaven at Stroudsmoor Inn
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Jewish cemetery
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We had a look at prospective wedding venues today, and this one was rather promising.

Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Check out the virtual tour of Lawnhaven: Lawnhaven

Stroudsburg is actually closer to New York than Scranton, and this place has the advantage of a full range of facilities so people have the option of staying there during that weekend if they want.

Our original plan is still to find a heritage house with character, but there are other practical considerations, like parking, space, facilities for catering, etc. We stopped at the Everhart Museum in town, which is directly across the street from where David's grandparents used to live, but they stopped hosting wedding functions a year ago. Then we drove around town, looking at some mansions that could be rented out.

From there we drove to the countryside inns, stopping first at the Jewish cemetary in Dalton, where David's grandparents were buried. I took some photos there, but not many as we were losing light and the temperature dropped to shivering level.

(Left: I'm told that the tradition is to leave a stone on the gravestone whenever someone visits. This is a photo of a random gravestone, by the way.)

The first countryside inn we checked out was horrible, we both agreed. We'd gatecrashed the wedding of a young couple who looked barely old enough to drive, and couldn't get out of there fast enough... the facilities were definitely NOT up to par, and if there's anything that will make you spend more money without flinching, it's to see what cheaping out WILL buy you...