Friday, December 03, 2004

I Miss the Kidlets

This week the twins turn 10 months old:

Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Teething Twins
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Maribeth and Megan

Soon, I'll have been away from the kidlets longer than any other time since Melissa was born in July of '99. I saw each of the kids within hours of their birth, and generally saw them at least once a week, except when I went on holiday. Other than that, I see them often enough that when I come in the door, I have a chorus of "ATTIE GAIL!!" when I cross the threshold.

I miss that, I really do.

start 'em young
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For anyone who reads this online journal, you'll notice there's a real dearth of photos of the nieces and nephew at the moment. For that, I've been visiting Allan and Cheryl's blogspot and Flickr albums on a regular basis, and replaying the videoclips they send to me by gmail.

Allan & Cheryl and the M's - Life with Melissa, Michael, Madeleine, Megan, and Maribeth
Allan & Cheryl's photos on Flickr
Melissa, Michael, and Maddy have their own Flickr album
(they even take their own photos!)
Here are some videoclips. Very, very cute ones:

Michael and Melissa, singing about the environment (love the little hug at the end) - M1-2recycle.avi, 4MBs
Maribeth crawling, at 9 months - mvi_8269.avi, 8.5MBs
Maribeth crawling, with Megan in her exersaucer - mvi_8271.avi, 10MBs