Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Twins Recognise Me!

I didn't bring my camera with me this time, but Allan took some photos, so maybe he'll post them in Flickr and I can put them here.

I went to visit the kidlets this evening, and to make sure the coats I bought for them in Pennsylvania fit before David flies out next Friday (and they run out of sizes). Cheryl and the twins are getting over a stomach bug (*if you're reading, Socar, skip to next paragraph*) which involved projectile vomiting on Sunday, so I'd been warned. But, I hadn't seen the kidlets for such a long time that a risk of gastrointestinal virus wasn't quite enough to keep me away.

The older three met me at the door, bouncing and yelling "Attie Gail!" after they heard me knocking... very cute. Michael (4) had an incredible growth spurt that made his feet suddenly too big for all his shoes within a week, and he's now much taller than Melissa (5). Maddy (3), meanwhile, had a vocabulary explosion and is structuring her sentences. With Maddy's new grammar it's much easier to understand her now and she talks a LOT. Before, it was more non-verbal noise, mumbling, and baby-talk.

The first twin to wake up was Megan, who I was warned was clingier with Cheryl lately and not even going to people she saw a week before. She kept staring at me, but then her little face broke into a smile that reminded me a lot of Melissa at that age, and I was glad to see she remembered me, even after nearly two months (since Maddy's birthday in October). When you've only been around for 10.5 months, two months is a very long time, indeed.

Megan really looks like Melissa -- right down to her glare. I think it's the eyebrows -- they furrow the same way when they look perturbed. Maribeth has a look all her own, even though the twins are supposed to be identical. Maribeth, as far as I can tell, doesn't have a glare. She gets upset, but doesn't seem to hold it against you!

I get to see the older three sing on Saturday in a children's choir -- I'll definitely bring my camera then.