Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David's Weekend in Vancouver: The Handyman

Poor David was put to work while he was here on vacation. He fixed Socar's leaky toilet, put up a towel rack, and corrected some things on her computer that we'd futzed with when we tried to install an extra drive. David also investigated Eliza's door and helped her re-install some curtain rods in the hallway.

I'm marrying the Ultimate Handyman (TM). Not only can he fix plumbing, he does woodwork, painting, tree trimming, landscaping, gardening, auto mechanics, designs wedding rings, graphic artwork, classical artwork (drawing), network administration, knows his way around an airplane engine, and FLIES!

It sounds like one of those ads on a late-night shopping channel -- "Can Work WONDERS!" -- but I can tell you firsthand he's all that, and more.

Over the winter in Pennsylvania when the air was really dry, I started hanging laundry inside on one of those wooden indoor racks so we could benefit from the humidity. You can buy these things almost anywhere, but they're pretty flimsy, and you can't put much on them before they buckle under the strain or just fall over.

"I can custom build a laundry rack for you," he said. Oooh, good answer!

We went off to the hardware store and bought all the materials for The Mother of All Laundry Racks (TM). It's a beaut! (Amazingly, I have no photos.) Holds jeans, sheets, more than a load of laundry. While I've been away he's renovated the kitchen, and when I go back, we'll work on the cabinets.

Have I mentioned I'm marrying this guy? How lucky am I!

Addition: Wed, Jun 8

David took a photo of the Mother of All Laundry Racks. (Cursor over the photo for notes.)

Addition: Sat, Jun 11

David elaborated on his handyman skills over at his blog. I'd forgotten to mention that he also designs and builds model airplanes!