Friday, June 03, 2005

David's Weekend in Vancouver: Happy Birthday George!

George and Lana
Happy Birthday!

Well, it's only taken me a week to post this, but life has a way of getting in the way of writing about it! It's my own fault for getting into this whole photo/video thing when I could just do it the quick way and post a few paragraphs. But seeing as I'm getting older myself (can you tell my birthday's approaching?), I appreciate returning to this site to try and remember how time manages to pass by so quickly. At least I can account for it in some way by documenting it in words and images.

Friday, May 27

David and I mananged to find The Mad Greek Restaurant in Richmond with only a minimal amount of wandering after getting off the 98. We arrived to find platters of appetisers -- plenty of calamari and octopus and other delectables -- and lots of white wine. David mentioned in his blog that the calamari was the first of four different kinds we'd end up sampling over the weekend (Greek, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai). It sounds like overkill, but they were all prepared differently! And they were all very good! David had lamb, recommended by George, and I had -- of course -- moussaka. Whenever I try a new Greek restaurant, I order their moussaka because I consider it my benchmark for Greek food. Everything was great, but we went a little overboard on the appetisers and had to pace ourselves on the mains.

Instead of a cake, George blew out a candle on a dessert that I can't remember the name of... I tried Googling for Greek desserts, but I think I got lost (and hungry) trying to find it. (Help, Lana!) It was so good that David and I decided to order one for ourselves instead of baklava. It was DELICIOUS, and once I get the name of it, I'm going to go have another one...!

George and John went out onto the patio for some Greek dancing, and I shot a bit of video. Check it out here:


John just celebrated his 70th birthday, so there you have it -- dancing keeps you young!