Monday, June 06, 2005

David's Weekend in Vancouver: Joint Birthday Bash

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Sunday, May 29

On Sunday morning, David and Dad and I went over to Allan and Cheryl's house to celebrate Allan and David's joint birthday. It's actually the next day, on May 30, but Sunday was the best time for everyone to meet. We picked up a couple of cakes and goodies from Safeway en route, knowing full well that one cake wouldn't last long between five adults and five little kids.

Birthday Bash pics

We even had a very RARE Uncle Alvin sighting. He lives in Victoria, but he only rolls into town maybe twice a year or so. This was the first time he'd met David.

I kept telling Melissa: "Go wake up Uncle Alvin! Go on! Get him to take you out on your bikes!"

After we ate our fill, the cakes made their appearance amidst much fanfare. As you can see here, the cakes were stalked from the moment they arrived. Michael put the cake lid on his head, and Maddy followed suit. Once the lids were off, Michael and Maddy hovered nearby like a couple of vultures and Maddy stuck her fork in the side of one cake while waiting for her slice.

Like a true fiddler, Allan spent some time checking out his gift from David -- a cordless power drill. I think the only difference between toys for men and boys is voltage. Michael was fascinated by the drill, since he was given a plastic toolbox kit when he turned three (long since disappeared, I think).


We had to leave after a short while because my dad had to go to work, but the kids showed David their new swingset and gave him the very important job of Designated Swing Pusher. He was kept busy pushing them while talking to the rest of us, stopping now and again to point out a plane flying overhead.

Methinks Uncle David is going to be asked to build a Playground of Mammoth Proportions in our backyard for when the kids come to visit. Yesterday Melissa asked me if they could come and visit us in Pennsylvania. "Sure!" I said, but I imagine the kids would spend all their time chasing Hugh around the house if we don't find other ways to amuse them. I could put them to work painting... ha!

Dave's Logbook: Heat, Drink, and Be Merry!

The sky brightened up considerably during our long bus/Skytrain/bus trip from Langley to Vancouver. We deposited our stuff back at the apartment, and hung out with Socar and the rats until it was time for dinner with Mike, Tosca, Erich, and Caroline at Thai House off Burrard. I hadn't seen Caroline and Erich since they got married in August, and Tosca and Mike since January, so we had lots of catching up to do. I had David recant some of our flying stories -- just read the blog, people! haha! -- while we noshed on Thai food.

Alas, not everyone is on holiday, and it was Sunday night, so the others made their journey back to the North Shore, and we returned to the apartment to hang out with Socar until we felt like calling it a night after some Katamari Damacy.