Friday, June 10, 2005

Vandigicam Goes to Stanley Park

Vandigicam last night was too fun for words, so I'll just post this for now and the rest later.

We encountered a meter monkey and this super-friendly squirrel in Stanley Park. Watch him in his first feature film:

Stanley Park squirrel,
brought to you by Vandigicam

Coming soon to a park near you.

Addition: Jun 24

People were humming and hawing a bit about where to go on Thursday. Laura, the original Vandigicam organiser, needed a break from the co-ordinating, so I stepped up to the plate and said we were going to meet in Coal Harbour, take the seawall to Stanley Park, and shoot the bridge. Nobody objected, so that's what we did! The forecast was dodgy, so I wasn't sure if we'd get as far as the Lions Gate Bridge, but we'd try.

At least 16 showed up at Bojangles Cafe, and we set off from there. With a group of this size, mobility is pretty slow -- especially since everyone has a camera and is on alert for photo ops. We meandered along the newer seawall at Coal Harbour, and I gawked at what's been constructed since I've been away: another pier, another restaurant. With all this building, people will be able to fly into Coal Harbour, have dinner, and fly out without even hitting a street!

While most of the group headed north along Pipeline Road, Laura, her husband Michael, and TizBarb decided to shoot around Lost Lagoon. There was a bit of confusion getting to Pipeline Road, but MimsyBee led the way and we cut over to the Rose Garden. The sky began to darken and I wasn't holding out much hope for getting decent shots of the bridge, so I took a few shots in the garden and that's where we encountered the Super Friendly Stanley Park Squirrel (see above). This little thing was so fearless, I couldn't help but take video! Imagine being a squirrel, surrounded on all sides by people pointing cameras, and NOBODY offers food... eventually the squirrel scampered off -- probably in disgust...

From Pipeline Road we reached the seawall and continued along under the bridge, but the clouds refused to part, making for unpromising, gray photos. It was getting late by then, so we turned back to meet with the others at Bread Garden on Denman Street. Along the way, filmgoerjuan hit on a very diplomatic way to describe people who were too unfit to hike: "... suitable for... all activity levels." It doesn't sound funny now, but just the way he said it then -- with a politically correct pause -- was comical.

At Bread Garden I took a little poll to see if people were interested in weekend photowalks, then we moved on to the Comox Bar and Grill around the corner and took over a couple of tables there. Boy, that place was cheap -- nachos for less than $7??? Meetups during the week definitely has its advantages.