Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Savage is in Morocco

Steve's baking his Aussie hide in Morocco at the moment. I've only just managed to skim the last few days, but it sounds like he's been behaving himself and not getting himself into too much trouble, just the odd death threat here and there.

Stage Eight- Morocco

He's got a real 80's-boy look going on in some of these photos. But believe you me, it is looking a good sight better than the Grizzly Adams overgrowth he was sporting when I saw him in London six weeks ago or so. I was ready to hack it right off myself, but Steve said he was meeting up with some old friends before leaving for Morocco and he wanted to "surprise them", so I refrained. On second thought, maybe he should've kept the lumber jack style to scare off some of the touts who've been messing him about.