Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Man, I wish I had time to post about the Storyeum. But I gotta get some work done, so I'll just have to leave you all with some pre- and post- photos, since I wasn't allowed to take any photos during the tour. Storyeum (STOR-ee-um, in case anyone wants to know), is sort of a history musical play. It's an interactive, human museum with the assistance of multi-media. More on it later.

Storyeum's huge can't-miss-it entrance
on Water Street in Gastown.

Storyeum lobby.

Some of the photo archives along the wall. They really need to mount the text properly, though -- Blu-Tack is, well, tacky!

Some of Hostelling International volunteers... although the second person from left isn't a volunteer, he's Atul, the program director.

Near the entrance to Gastown,
in front of the Waterfront Station.

Sunset from West Cordova.