Monday, April 11, 2005

2005 and 1974

Both photos taken in Burnham Park, Baguio City, (northern) Philippines, 20 or 21 years apart. The left one was taken last Thursday. I'm not sure if the second one was taken in 1973 or 1974.

That's my nephew Michael (4) riding on the same sort of trike that's in the photo on the right. That's Allan (now 33) --Michael's dad-- at the wheel, and I'm at the back. (Click on photos for more info.)

ADDITION: Tuesday, Apr 12

David went into research mode on the tricycles shown in the photos:

Ah... this helps explain the 3-seater:

Inspired by your Philippine photos, I went looking for a North American supplier of multipassenger tricycles:

Here's one from California:

A "tandem insert" is available for this colorful line:

Automotive parts?

I couldn't find a single 3-seater, as in Allan's picture of Michael. My theory is that the motive power of a single preschooler, while sufficient to transport three Filipino children, is just not enough for the physically larger North American tots. Especially in mountainous terrain, or over longer distances.

Predictably, the American emphasis in tricycle design has been less on utility and more on sheer performance. This streamlined model allows your toddler to reach speeds of over 80 m.p.h. (125 kph):