Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flying South for Hot Wings Then East to Buzz Manhattan!

I'll have to make this short as we're off soon to go flying again. David's making a recording from the footage I shot over the last couple of days so we can erase those and reuse the tapes.

Yesterday we flew south to visit with some friends and their little girl. I also put in a request for hot wings, so we had a wing feast at a restaurant near their house. I think I ate the equivalent of a whole chicken...!

We then headed east towards New York, because we wanted to capture the VFR corridor flight over the Hudson River beside Manhattan at night this time (a friend told us he only flies that route at night), and capture it on video tape. (Last time we flew the VFR corridor, it was in the afternoon.) Later tonight we'll edit it, download it to computer, and post some stills. Flying over Manhattan at night is BEAUTIFUL, with the city lights burning bright and cars looking like toys crossing over the bridges. Ground Zero was a giant beacon, and the lights on the Empire State and Chrysler buildings were all ablaze, too.

I didn't bring out my digicam at all because it has such a small zoom, but the video camera has a 18x optical zoom, perfect for aerials.

More to follow, after more flying!

Ground Zero
Uploaded by AviatorDave.

ADDITION: Sunday evening

We got home late, but David was able to capture some frames from the video. View the Manhattan stills as a slideshow:

Manhattan Night Flight (slideshow)

ADDITION: Monday, Apr 11

David's Multiply entry: Firefly, in a City of Lights