Friday, April 22, 2005

American Idol: Boogie Nights

Breigh pretty much summed up my thoughts about this week's American Idol:

Barbie Meets the Stepford Wives

Go have a look, she's been Photoshopping!

You know, out of all the modern dance styles one can see in a club, 70's disco has to be my favourite. (My absolute favourite is breakdancing, but you don't see it in clubs.) On MuchMusic, the Canadian version of MTV, I used to enjoy seeing the re-runs of this old 70's dance show -- I can't remember the name! -- and aside from hooting at the polyester fashions, I loved to see them boogie on down. Even the BeeGees had a bit of a revival a while back. When they sang "Staying Alive", well, LIVE during a music awards show, they had everyone on their feet, grooving away happily. Say what you will about John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever, but cheesy can be infectiously FUN.

When I saw the first bits of goofy dancing pre-performance on American Idol, it seemed promising. But there was barely any dancing this week at all! Makes me wish people like Nikko and Travis Tucker stayed alive on the show so we'd have something a bit more entertaining to watch. Instead, we had Carrie wearing an awful dress with Dolly Parton hair, singing "McArthur Park" (made famous by Donna Summer, Frank Sinatra, et al) -- this bizarre song about a CAKE, of all things. She was drowned out on all the low notes by the band and the song was zero on the danceable scale.

And the others? They should've asked their parents for help, because they were about as 70's disco as The Beverly Hillbillies:

  • Constantine needs waterproof eyeliner. Didn't he learn anything in the Boston Conservatory theatre classes?
  • Anthony, in a weird twist, drank some happy juice or something, because he was singing with extra gusto. Not great singing, but Anthony was hyper.
  • Scott called the 70's fashions "ridiculous", but he could've at least camped it up for this week.
  • Anwar let me down this week -- he sang "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, but didn't hit any of the high notes! C'mon, what's up with that? That's the best part of the song!
  • Vonzell's performance was the most 70's disco of the bunch -- best overall, I'd say. Lots of energy, personality, and vocal jiggy.
  • Bo did well, too, but I wasn't as keen on his performance as the judges were. David kept laughing because Bo screwed up the lyrics -- all the possessives were switched around, so Bo sang 'yours' instead of 'my' and 'I' got trades with 'you', that sort of thing.

BOTTOM THREE: Scott, Anthony, and Anwar

Speaking of bizarre, I was on the Idol message boards to try and find out the name of Anwar's song, and I came across this:

From: fanofcarrie9

I'm a big Carrie fan, but I voted for Scott over 350 times this week!!


Because I knew Carrie was safe cuz she was awesome as usual. So, I have been voting for the worst singers so that Carrie will have easy competition at the end. This will make it so Carrie will have a better chance at WINNING!

Ive convinced some of my friends to do the same thing so we target both Anthony and Scott to get through. In the end, it will be a cake walk for Carrie!!

What do you think of my strategy? I thought of it a few weeks back and have been doing it since then. Seems to me that everything is going pretty well.

Yes folks, this is a Fox viewer... and VOTER. Think the votes are screwy? This is why!