Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day

This is my second U.S. Election Day attendance. Of course, as a Canadian I can't vote, but it was interesting to see the electoral process -- around here it's a curtain-style of booth with levers to choose the candidate. I have to say, I wasn't expecting anything quite so archaic-looking; last year was the first time I'd ever seen a non-paper, non-electronic form of ballot.

Here are a couple of archival photos David dug up last year to illustrate what the voting booths look like on the inside:

Last year was also the federal election, so it was a much bigger event. We'd just announced our engagement to my parents, and one of the first things they asked David was: "Who are you voting for?" Makes me wonder what they would've said if David had answered differently than what he did...

The polls closed a little while ago, so we can finally get the campaigners off the phone and away from our front door. It's been aggravating -- they're not content with leaving election dreck (campaign SPONGES, if you can believe that) at our doorstep, they've been ringing the bell incessantly because they know we're home. Messages on our answering machine all the time, especially today. The giant signs on cars and front lawns are a real eyesore, too. There's a heated contest for mayor of our city, as well, and it's the usual public mudslinging in every form of media. Ah, politics.