Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One Good Turn Deserves Another

The wall at Llewellyn & McKane in Wilkes-Barre.

We had another big day today, mostly out of the house! This finally breaks the fairly consistent yo-yo pattern of a good day followed by a crummy day.

Three major items on the agenda, none of which left David out of breath or out of sorts:

1) We signed off on my spouse visa adjustment status application. The paperwork and requirements are all complete, now we wait for USCIS to process it. Five to six weeks for the work authorisation, but an estimated five to six MONTHS for residency approval. I can't leave the country before then, because I could risk a THREE-YEAR ban for violating visa policy. (Come visit a stranded Canadian!)

2) David stopped by his office, paid a visit to his workmates and did a bit of work. I think it's been two months since David was last there. The visit was long overdue, but very low immunity and pronounced weakness had kept him away. By all accounts, everyone was happy to see him and hopefully it won't take another two months for a return.

-- insert trip to David's favourite lunch counter, Circles on the Square, here -- go appetite, go! --

3) Post-chemotherapy injection (David dreads it; it's painful), followed directly by Session #1 of new radiation treatment to neck area. Session #2 is early tomorrow morning because they're performing routine maintenance on The Machine.

Neither David nor I knew if he'd make it through Items 1-3, but apparently he did -- and without a break! This is BIG NEWS, I haven't seen David with this much energy in a long, long time. The typical situation is accomplishing only one of the above items in a day, followed by immediate rest. For David to get through all three in a row calls for a three-day luau or an... er... equally large celebration. But David's still awake now, and he's getting around the house without much trouble at all.

Somebody pinch me.