Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Introducing Rachael Ashe

My friend Rachael (aka goddess_spiral) is a Vancouver-area photographer and digital artist who has recently decided to make a career move back into the field of arts from the relative financial security of working with a property management company. Anyone trying to make a living in the arts will know how daunting a prospect this is, but Rachael's from courageous stock (hi Rachael's mom!) and she's got the talent and wherewithal to pull it off.

So, without further ado, I'd like to make a proper introduction and give her work a plug.

[Photo by goddess_spiral]
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I love Rachael's portrait work.
Her monochromes are a visual treat.
Through her lens, hands take on new expressions and feet suddenly become more interesting.

Rachael's been a wedding photographer on a boat, shot landscapes in New Zealand, temples in Japan, and graffiti around the world.

We've shot Vancouver after dark together, and share a fondness for red, in its various shades.

She's handy with the Holga, tames the Canonet, shoots cross-processed and even expired film. Check out her Photoshop creations.

Rachael can be reached at rachael [at] rachaelashe.com.