Thursday, October 20, 2005

Feeling More Like a Married Couple By the Day

Overall, it's been a full and productive day, one which involved a car trip that WASN'T from our house to a medical facility.


Oh wait, it WAS to a medical facility, but not for anything cancer-related.


It was for me, a follow-up to the USCIS-required medical examination I had on Monday. David hasn't been well enough to go anywhere further than 10 minutes' drive from our house, but today we managed to make it all the way to Tannersville, a whole 45 minutes away. It almost felt like the pre-cancer days, when we'd drive to Philadelphia or New York, talking animatedly and watching our surroundings whizz by.

I'll point to David's blog for part of the story, the rest I'll write later as I'm setting up my new phone. That's the other "married couple" advancement: matching phones. We got a good deal on them (2-for-1), and we save on accessories (one car charger, instead of two) and chances are if somebody accidentally left a charger at home, the other would remember to bring it (odds are that would be me).

Dave's Logbook: Thursday's Outing