Friday, October 14, 2005

Bashful Flower Girl

Melissa, 6, at our wedding dinner at the Radisson - Lackawanna Station. (The ribbon in her hair is actually from the guest gift -- she started out wearing a headband with tiny butterflies on it.)

Melissa behaved very well under the (rather stressful) circumstances. She was a flower girl in her Auntie Ally's wedding in June of last year, so she'd been there, done that. Also, there were a lot more people at the Maine wedding, so in some ways this one was easier -- and she had her Grandmommy and Gumpa all to herself. But seeing Uncle David in a wheelchair and obviously in medical distress must've made her a bit frightened. The last time she'd seen Uncle David, he and her daddy had a shared birthday party on May 30. He looked well.

But Miss Melissa got through the ceremony with no trouble at all. It must've been confusing because we were all sitting down instead of standing up. When the minister asked for the wedding rings, she rushed over, handed him the velvet box, then rushed back to her seat. It was a cute moment and I chuckled to myself, but I thought she was very, very brave.