Thursday, October 27, 2005


Shot with the Pentax K-1000 (film).

David first carved our initials into the giant magnolia tree beside the house back in April.

It was for a Flickr photo project called "Love Letters", and my idea was to illustrate 'puppy love'.

I don't know if the recent spate of weather-related disasters was the trigger, but last night I had this semi-conscious dream state feeling of being on a boat getting tossed around in a storm. It reminded me of a trip I took once from Stranraer, Scotland, to Larne (near Belfast), Northern Ireland.* The journey is less than two hours, but the Irish Sea is known for being temperamental and the cause of many a stagger to the loo by the seasick-prone.**

In this quasi-dream (I was too lucid for it to be a proper dream state), David and I were clinging to each other while wave after wave buffetted the side of the ship. David was nauseous, but more queasy than in agony, and I was ridden was anxiety. I tried to look away from the window, beat upon by grey sheets of rain and heavy winds, but there was no avoiding people's worried faces and sharing in the feeling we'd embarked on a hapless journey. What else can one do in a storm but ride it out?

It took me a long time to go to sleep.

* In those days, the routing was Stranraer to Larne, but according to, now one can only get to Belfast from Stranraer, and Larne departures arrive in Troon, Cairnryan, or Fleetwood.
** In those days, there were no cheap airlines such as Ryanair, who've since spared many people from having to take the ferry.