Thursday, October 13, 2005

First Night Vancouver

Just before the clock struck midnight and the crowd went wild on Georgia Street.

Shortly after this photo was taken, someone stepped out from the crowd of thousands and yelled:

"Hey Orkut people!"

This guy recognised us from our photo on the Orkut forums, how bizarre!

The 'Re-Jig the Hard Drive Project' continues unabated. But the tedium is mitigated by the rediscovery of archived photos such as this one! (Er, that was a mouthful.)

Last night David was lamenting, and I wasn't very helpful in cheering him up.

"I'm tired of being sick all the time."

"You just have to get through the treatment stage, let the chemotherapy do its job. Think of women who have difficult pregnancies and are sick every day for months on end. You've been in chemotherapy and radiation for two months."


"OK, not a very good example, they know when they'll start feeling better... when they give birth..."

(I pause again, then laugh to myself)

"... or maybe it's not such a bad example after all."