Monday, October 03, 2005

Wedding Weekend

I should be in bed, I know. But I felt compelled to write a little placeholder post for now. It's been rather hectic around here, to say the least.


The not-so-good news: David was nauseous and ill in a wheelchair through the ceremony, and was taken to the Emergency Room by his Best Man right after our vows and ring exchange. He was admitted, hooked up to an IV, and has been in the hospital since. David's in much better shape today, but will remain in the hospital until he's well enough to go home. More on this later.

The wedding itself was witnessed by a small group of family and friends, and the whole experience brought many to tears... including me. I was proud of David for soldiering on despite his condition so we could be married on our special day, October 1, exactly one year from the day we met in New York. It was difficult under the circumstances, and it took some time, but I found strength in David's resolve and we got through the ceremony.

We are now Mr. and Mrs. Fielding!

After talking to David, I've decided not to post any photos of us because we don't have any together as husband and wife -- David went to the ER right away and there wasn't an opportunity.

So, for that and other reasons, I'll post only select photos of everything else at the wedding and when David's feeling better we can get dressed up and take proper wedding photos of us then.

I'll close for now with our wedding vows, which we wrote ourselves. We'd planned on memorising them, but in the days leading up to the wedding David became too ill, so on the afternoon of the wedding I asked the minister to read them for us and we'd repeat.

D: I pledge to take you, Gail, as my constant friend, my faithful partner; my wife.
G: I pledge to take you, David, as my constant friend, my faithful partner; my husband.

D: I promise that wherever you and I (and Hugh!) are together, that will be home, and I will strive to make it a happy one.
G: I promise to make our home one of comfort and warmth, for us and for our loved ones.

D: I promise to support you in your hopes and aspirations, as we continue to grow and learn, and explore all that life has to offer.
G: I promise to encourage you, and work with you, to help build a future together as a family.

D: And most of all, I promise to always love you; with all my heart, without reservation or judgement, as endless as the sky.
G: And I promise to always love you, as yourself, like no other, and to celebrate life by your side.


D: And as a symbol of my pledge, and of our lives being woven together as one, I give you this ring; like you, unique in all the world.
G: And I give you this ring, like our marriage, created by and for the two of us.