Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Taking a Breather

Gumpa's been slaving away again today in the yard, and it's looking pretty spiffy. I've put one coat of varnish on the dining room chairs (will do the rest next week), and the inside of the house is looking somewhat more respectable. Dad even took a load of stuff to Salvation Army, so things are moving in the right direction, at least.

David went to Mercy Hospital for his MRIs this afternoon, and he'll get a phone call from the doctor about the results in the morning before he goes to chemotherapy.

Tried on the wedding dress again (whew, it still fits), and saw my veil for the first time (it was made in Vancouver after I got here).

A part of me still finds it hard to believe we're getting married in just a few days. I wrote my vows the other night, and we went over the program order with the minister this evening.

I have some cleaning yet to do, then it's up early to go to New York to pick up Lucy from JFK. Melissa and GMP arrive by car sometime in the evening, so we'll have a full house tomorrow night.