Friday, September 05, 2003

Chickens at Sea Video Addendum

I've uploaded a video clip of our exit from Horseshoe Bay to my SFU webspace:

Kristin the Ringer

I am soooo tempted to post videos related to the story Alcohol Hits Sesame Street, but it is just too incriminating. Tomorrow **Elmo** and **Cookie Monster**are having a housewarming party on, well, Sesame Street, of course. Tomorrow is also Tosca's wedding, and I told Kristin and Eliza that I probably won't be able to make the big Sesame Street party, with all its cast of characters -- don't forget **Snuffleupagus** and **Big Bird** -- even though Kristin assured me it would go really late. Thing is, I would have to change first. Showing up looking like I just came from a wedding would make me stand out a bit too much.

So, I started writing my speech for the wedding, and it just feels so strange writing something that should be unscripted and sound natural. So, I got out my digital recorder with the intention of practicing.