Monday, September 08, 2003

New York City photos

Ofoto is great!

I've FINALLY posted the photos of my memorable trip to New York City last New Year's: New York City, Dec 02/Jan 03

I flew to New York on Boxing Day and did a lot more while I was there compared to the previous trip at the end of 2000... and, a lot has happened to the city in the two years between. I spent some time at Ground Zero, walked all over the city, went on a museum crawl (MoMA, Guggenheim, The Whitney, Museum of Natural History) and stopped at major landmarks (Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Times Square, etc.). I also attended three performances: De La Guarda (Union Square), Proof (Walter Kerr Theatre), and -- my favourite -- Chicago (Schubert Theatre).

On the afternoon of December 31, I took a boat trip around Manhattan, then watched the final sunset of 2002 in New York Harbour. That was really special. Watching the ball drop on New Year's in Times Square with over half a million other people (!) was surreal. I have never been in a crowd of that size... it's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic.

Some of my favourite photos:

Grand Central Station
Metropolitan Museum of Art
George Washington Bridge and New Jersey
Museum of Natural History
Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden
Times Square just after the ball dropped
The Guggenheim Museum, New Year's Day