Friday, September 05, 2003

Yahoo Photo Albums

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't kept up with adding photos to the Yahoo albums, then putting links in the Blog. Well, there have been announced changes for Yahoo Albums that won't take effect until sometime between now and October 10, so I'm reluctant to do anything with the albums until the changes have been implemented. In short, the main change for me is that subfolders will be removed, and all current subfolders will be moved and renamed to the parent folder.

Changes to Yahoo Photo Albums

For example, right now I have a parent folder of 2003, and under that I have subfolders for every month, then under individual month folders, sometimes I have more subfolders of separate occasions.

What I could do is to move all the subfolders and rename them myself, but oy vey, what a job.

The other day I had an epiphany. About half a dozen times in the past week I've been at the point of filling out my credit card information to buy more webspace, but -- being a self-admitted commitmentphobe -- I didn't want to pay for a whole year of webspace from what could turn out to be a dodgy company. Then I realized that SFU students probably get webspace as part of having an automatic account at the university, so I e-mailed the webmaster and he informed me that all students get 100MBs. Great! It sounds like a lot, but video clips take up loads of space, and with only SIX videos currently in the directory, I have already used up half my quota!