Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Everybody's Tired

Gumpa and Hugh crash on the floor for an afternoon snooze.

Hugh's taken a real shine to Dad. When Dad's sitting on the couch, he tries to climb on his lap. When Dad's in the dining room, Hugh's there, too. Awww...

David's 10th and last radiation treatment to his spine was this morning, and Dr. B says he'll monitor David weekly hereafter. The schedule for this week is for two MRIs tomorrow -- brain and pelvis -- at Mercy Hospital and chemotherapy at the clinic on Thursday.

Hopefully David's nausea and fatigue will subside tomorrow now that this round of radiation to his lower back is finished.

Dad is sore from a full day of landscaping, and I'm a little stiff from varnishing furniture.

What a sad lot we are in the House of Fielding. Time for some rest!