Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Wedding Update

In case anyone is wondering, the wedding is still on for October 1, but scaled down and modified to make things easier for us.

I moved the venue from the Tripp House to the Radisson - Lackawanna Station.
- it's a beautiful and historic building
- it's near the house
- if David feels tired, he can rest upstairs (Tripp House doesn't have sleeping rooms)
- I don't have to deal with food & beverage vendors
- the restaurant (Carmen's) has a good reputation
- I don't have to decorate
We're only having a fraction of people we'd originally planned for -- David's immunity is too low. Some family members and friends in the wedding party, plus some friends from Europe who'd already made plans to come. Maybe 15 of us in total.
There will only be a short ceremony, followed immediately by a dinner. No reception, no formalwear, no wedding cake, no photographer. That will all be saved for next year, whenever David's feeling well again.
We're postponing our planned honeymoon to Europe until after next year's receptions. For now, I'm looking for something along the lines of a scenic rail trip on the East Coast. Historic. The autumn foliage would look fantastic from an old train, but I haven't found anything suitable yet. Suggestions/recommendations most welcome!