Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I've come to dread Tuesdays. Why? Because we've been given bad news three Tuesdays out of the past six. I don't want any more bad news, but I can't prevent it any more than I can stop Tuesday from happening.

Tonight I've been going over my photo library, uploading random shots from the past few months into Flickr. It's a welcome distraction from today's news, coupled with yesterday's scare. I do what I can, which is frustratingly little in the face of things.

I took this photo back in July, in Vancouver's English Bay. There's a spit of land that juts out into the ocean, and people often sit on the benches or rocks to watch the sun set over the mountains and ocean of West Vancouver.

When I first moved to Beach Avenue, I used to eat dinner by the balcony and watch the sun set almost every day in the late spring and summer. I never tired of it. I lived in that apartment for nearly seven years, and took many sunset photos from that balcony after buying my first digital camera in 2002.

If there's one thing a person can count on, if nothing else, it's a sunset.