Friday, September 16, 2005

The Machine

(Pink Floyd reference...)

I'm sure there's a proper name for the radiation machine, but I haven't asked (yet).

David lies down on the table, which raises up about halfway to the ceiling, and The Machine rotates around him. We've been told it houses about 100 motors, which is why it requires such high maintenance.

I've been curious as to what it looked like, but it runs on a tight schedule of 65-75 patients per day, so I've been too shy to ask someone to stop the press for the sole purpose of indulging my curiosities...

... so I had David ask.

The nurse came and fetched me, saying it was alright for me to go have a look. I took a quick snap (after permission) and scooted out right away, but not before blurting out: "It looks like a coffeemaker!" The radiation nurse said they think it resembles a telephone handset.

Maybe I can get David to write more about it later, since he's spent so much time underneath it: 18 frames per day, from 9 positions (lower spine). Prior to yesterday, he was getting shot 3 frames x 3 positions, twice per day (lung).

ADDITION: Saturday, Sep 17

David's made an entry about it (and I've made the subsequent edits to my numbers above):

Dave's Logbook: The Machine