Saturday, September 24, 2005

Words to Live By

words to live by
As seen on the front of a church in New York City.

I slept in today. I really needed it. Saturdays are good days for us, as I've mentioned before, because it's a break from radiation. David's suffering from chronic fatigue because of his therapies, while I'm feeling fatigued from domestic activity and wedding preparations. Houseguests are arriving in the next week or so, and it feels like I've been cleaning this house since I arrived on August 6. Seriously, looking after two levels of house plus an attic and basement and yard on all sides, an ill person and an incontinent cat is more than one healthy person can handle. When I see the older people at the radiation clinic every day, I wonder how they do it. But I suppose after all, when you've passed your 60's and are finished raising kids and seen your share of trials and tribulations, you know what it's like to carry on, despite everything. For younger people who lack this type of life experience, we're (relatively speaking) more easily fazed by crises to our well-being.

Boy, is my dad in for some work when he gets here. I've even made a list, and tried to save the work he might find 'fun' for when he gets here, i.e, yard work. If I had a choice between yard work and housework, I'd choose yardwork EVERY TIME. Compared to David, I'm a clean freak, but the truth is I like the results, not the actual process of cleaning.

Returning to the quotation, it's a small reminder for me to shut up now, get showered and take David to Cherry Ridge Airport, where the Tri-Pacer is stored. I suggested to him that we head to the airport and hang out at the restaurant, see if any of his flying buddies are there, and see if David feels up for a spin. He hasn't flown for nearly three months, which is a record since he first learned to fly many moons ago. I'm hoping the airport atmosphere alone (if he doesn't fly) will be a nice break from all this fatigue.