Friday, September 09, 2005

Home From the Hospital

I picked David up from the hospital a little earlier. After three days of medical attention, he's happy to be sprung:

Dave's Logbook: Free Once Again

I didn't write much about the hospital exile because it was an endless cycle of:
  • nausea --- > medicate
  • pain -- > medicate
  • sleep deprivation -- > "I can't get any peace! Get me out of here!"
  • terrible hospital food -- > more terrible hospital food -- > nausea
I don't understand how Mercy Hospital's food services could be so inferior to CMC's, which is less than a mile away. David's just shuffled to bed, muttering: "I'm going to write a whole post on the state of the meatloaf..." (Seriously, it's enough to induce nausea by itself. I would've taken a photo, but I was given the unenviable task of its immediate deportation from the room.)