Saturday, January 15, 2005

Donate Your Shoppers Optimum Points to Charity

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Donation Program
I was at Shoppers Drug Mart earlier tonight, and when I was at the counter there was a sign that said points could be donated online to charity. As of January 12, more than $677,000 was raised this way for the Canadian Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund!

I've always wondered what to do with my Optimum points. I carry around all these cards and make sure I whip 'em out to collect whatever I can (I flew to London last April on the Airmiles program), but I usually participate in programs to get airline tickets. As far as merchandise is concerned, only now and again does it motivate me to participate. Shoppers Drug Mart on Davie Street is just up the hill from the apartment, and much closer than London Drugs (which I actually prefer), so I end up there more often. Also because there's a post office in the store, and that's the outlet where I have to pick up larger packages that don't fit through my letter slot. (The carriers usually ring my bell and save me the trouble... bless 'em.) So, I've been passively racking up the points, but now I can offload them to my preference over merchandise -- charity.

[Now, if I can only do that through Safeway -- I must've collected a bajillion of their Club points by now and never used them towards anything. I see that Telus Mobility offered a choice of several reward options over Christmas -- I believe the options were 1) credit towards Telus Puretracks (the online music store before iTunes opened up in Canada), or 2) something too boring to remember, or 3) to donate $20 to one of the charities on the list. I think I chose an arts and learning-oriented progam... I can't find the link (or much else in this apartment), otherwise I'd post it.]