Sunday, January 09, 2005


This morning my father and brothers came out to Vancouver to move my furniture over to Allan's house, in preparation for their move to a co-op townhouse on Feb 1. Now all my stuff is sitting on the floor, except for one shelf in the living room that's going to Eliza, plus the computer table and office chair. Oh, and the IKEA rollaway bed that I'm sleeping on. All the shelving, my futon couch/bed, and the pine entertainment unit are out of the apartment, so it's bare bones now. I was going to sell my VCR and microwave, since everyone I know has those (who wants a VCR these days, anyways?), but my father said he'd take it. He wasn't going to take the microwave just yet, but I said, "Ah, that's OK, I won't use it." But what did I get at the corner store for dinner? Oops, frozen pasta. I know I can warm it in the oven, but who would heat up a whole oven just for a handful of frozen microwaveable pasta??

I was tempted to buy jalapeno and cream cheese poppers (see food post, two previous), but I had french fries with my sandwich today instead!

I'm going to miss that corner store. Well, it's not really on the corner, but it's very close and very convenient. It also has a decent selection of films, as convenience stores go (at least when it's not snowing) -- I've rented lots of independent movies there. The neighbourhood in Pennsylvania has no corner store -- the closest store is at the bottom of the hill (there's no shoulder for pedestrians), across a highway. See here for an aerial pic. Maybe I should get flourescent tape for my coat, or one of those blinking lights so I can be seen at night? How naff! I'll look like one of those crossing guards at school!