Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Gail's Balcony is No More...

Argh! I wrote a whole post, and accidentally closed down Safari! It's like a virtual stubbing of my toe! OW!


Anyway, I was saying that I can't call my blog "Gail's Balcony" anymore because, well, there is no balcony in my house in Pennsylvania... there's no ocean view... *sniff*... in fact, there's no ocean. I have to travel two hours for that, and, well, it's the Atlantic, not the Pacific. I have a porch, but it's not the same thing. "Gail's Porch" makes me feel like an old granny, all I need is a rocking chair and my knitting needles (I do faintly recall knitting as a youngin'). Karl called his blog "Karl's Deck" so maybe "Gail's Porch" isn't so bad. I think I'll stick with "gailontheweb" because that's the URL. I'll have to change my blog header photo, too... *sniff*

Actually, what my site needs is major revamp. Breigh just finished moving her blog over to MovableType, and I think she still has some hair left, so maybe it won't be as onerous as I'm dreading it to be. One thing I've been meaning to do is to put links to my friends' sites down the side panel. For one thing, it would be another way to keep track of their updates without resorting to RSS feeds.

Probably more of a priority than revamping is to re-upload the photos were hosted on my Telus webspace until Telus accidentally DELETED my internet account -- INCLUDING my webspace. If you click on my archives, you will see most of the photos are just broken links. Talk about onerous... it's going to take me simply ages to re-upload the photos, but there is no easy way around this. UGH, I need a coffee.