Wednesday, January 19, 2005

MJE Productions Presents... Message in a Bucket

turn up your speakers!
This was a videoclip I made last August that I selected randomly from my hard drive to turn into a movie. I haven't made a movie clip in months, and I had this sudden urge to play with iMovie. (Oh, and of course it had to be at 3:30 in the morning or something like that. That seems to be my usual time of day for video and music editing.)

The kids were giving a puppet show, and I was holding Megan on my lap and filming with the other hand. She was not only the guest star, she was a critic and part of the audience. Tough job, being in show biz...

It was the first time I really fiddled around with iMovie, so it's pretty rough. No doubt I'll improve as I go along. After all, the last movie editing software I used was Quicktime Pro, and that requires a lot of fiddling. iMovie has a lot more features, but it'll take me a while to figure them all out.